Honey, Get Vegan

I've been attempting plenty of vegan recipes over the last few months, after a good year on being obsessed with macrobiotic diet. Even after moving onto greener pastures, I luckily kept up with serving brown rice- a macro staple- even concocting my own mix like this one to keep the rest of my family happy.

I chose to try more vegan recipes because of some sinus/throat/unexplainable mysterious illness that would plague me- or rather, hit me like a ton of bricks out of the blue each month or so, and even required hospitalization and sticking a camera up and down my throat (not fun) in the past.

Was it allergies?  Was it a vitamin deficiency of some sort?  No explanations actually.  So I took it upon myself to do some online research, reading testimonies, and watching videos like "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and "Forks Over Knives"- which are great testimonial trial-type stories.  Milk is for growing mammals- but how does your body handle it when you've stopped growing?  The jury is still out on that.

Trying vegan food- or meatless, dairy pizza like this-  isn't too hard or too scary, I just dislike most soy-replacement items.  And I didn't want to- not yet! at least- go full-on vegg and decide I hate it and binge on cheese for years.  It's all about balance, because I do find I feel more energetic, less fatigued, avoid earaches and throat aches, breathe better- and importantly, sleep better without much dairy.  But honey isn't vegan, because it's produced by insects; lovely bees. :(

I use honey for all my sore throat, slight coughy ailments, and even mix it in with hot teas, or Airborne cocktails.  I've tried a few (highly priced) syrups- cane, agave, pure maple- and they didn't do it for me.  So for now, my honey bear is staying a staple.

To make up for my vegan days, I like to bring on the real butter and the real milk for special baked items.  I find I don't feel bad when it's all in moderation.  These lemon muffins with lemon glaze from Southern Living's October 2012 test kitchen winner recipe here are a perfect example of that:

With impending holidays, yes, we include Halloween as a holiday at our house, it can be easy to get side tracked by the enormous amounts of treats and foods.  I figure having 5 days of vegan habits allows for 2 days of heavy eating, after all, its all in moderation. :)

How do you keep your daily diet in check?  Do you have any special allowances for real butter or real milk- or try the opposite without either?


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