Honey Mint Fruit Salad


One of the many great parts of summer is fresh fruit.  It is such a treat to go to farmer's markets, or even the local grocery store and see all the berries and melons at our finger tips.  A few years ago, my co-worker B and I used to each bring in a few different kinds of fruit at the beginning of the week.  Then we would make a fruit salad and have a giant bowl of it in the fridge to leisurely eat all week.  Sometimes we would add to it as the week went on, but what a fun activity to share at work...and a built-in snack too.  I am so much more likely to eat fruit if it is already cleaned and cut.  And if you share the duty with someone else, and make it ahead of time, it makes the experience so easy.

If you live in an area with fresh blackberries, they would make a great addition as well.  I have been carrying around plastic containers for about two weeks now...because you never know when you may come across a prickly blackberry bush.  I was picking some the other day and it was utter bliss.  The sun was warm on my back...cooking the blackberries, making the whole area smell of fresh blackberry jam.  A recipe will soon appear.  In the meantime, make some honey fruit salad.


Honey Mint Fruit Salad
Yields about 3 cups salad
Click here (www.anopencookbook.blogspot.com) for the full recipe!


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