Honey Mustard Pan Fried Potatoes

I love pan fried potatoes. If I were to list my top 5 'go-to' comfort foods, they would take up at least 3.7 of the slots.

 Only real butter will do and there should be as many onions as potatoes.

 Cooking time should be gaged by how sore your arms are from scrapping the bottom of the pan, then they should cook, no less, than 10 minutes longer. 

 Unfortunately, my pallet is not the only one that needs to be catered to, within these four walls. So from my attempt in still getting what I want, but making it look like something new and exciting, has steamed what fills up the other 1.3 of my comfort food indulgences.

 photo HoneyMustardPanFries_zps434dd624.jpg


Honey Mustard Pan Fried Potatoes

 10- peeled potatoes sliced to desired width

2 {at least}-large onions sliced thinly

Butter butter butter


1/3 or so- Your favorite honey mustard dressing {ours is Ken's} 


In large pan, melt three tablespoons if butter, on medium/high. 

Place in potatoes and onions. 

Allow to crips before flipping. 

 Adding butter another slab of butter {I say at least another three tablespoons... Then two more for good measure}

Let potatoes cook until tender. 

 Salt and pepper after potatoes are at desired crispness. 

 Add honey mustard to pan and coat potatoes.

Allow to cook on high, additional 5 minutes. 

Serve hot. 



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