My name, Melisa... is Greek for Honeybee.

This didn't excite me much as a kid. 
I wanted a name that meant something like Star, Rainbow Bright, Moon... I don't know?! 
Anything but a bug!  Who wants to be a pesky bug?!

I do!
As I've grown and learned more about the beautiful Honeybee... I've come to realize that I am indeed very much like a honeybee... or at least I hope to be!

Honeybees are vital to our existence! 
With out them and they're pollination, where would we all be?
Not to mention they make sweet, golden honey!

Course, when we've been stung we're not so fond of them... but they're not aggressive unless they're messed with... much like myself!  ;) 
And they are such hard workers!  Tirelessly working, never giving up... they can fly up to 500 miles in search of pollen! 

But what I find most amazing, is that they shouldn't be able to fly at all!
Scientists have studied the honeybee and decided that aerodynamically, with the size and weight of their bodies and the small, thin size of their wings... they. should. not. be. able. to. fly!

No one told the Honeybee!  ;)

So you see, I've grown to love and appreciate the meaning of my name. 
Even if my Mom did spell it with one 'S' instead of two.  I guess it makes me a little bit different.  Which I've also come to appreciate.

I am in one of the most trying times of my life right now!
Not to throw a pity party, but my husband of nearly 10 years up and left me 5 months ago!
I've been a stay at home mom to my 3 kids for the last 9 years. 
I never finished my degree. 
Stupid of me, I know... to sacrifice my career and my education... but having a family was all I ever wanted!  I just didn't see the point of chasing a career when I knew I wanted to be a stay at home Mom! 
I guess I never considered that he would leave me?!

But here I am.

With my big, honeybee fat hairy butt and my tiny little wings... hoping, I can fly!

I will! 

Not because I can... but because I must!



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