The Honor of WatchingYour Children Grow up!

The day is barely started. It is only 7:30am. At the Bernalillo soccer complex, the day is well on its way for some kids. A few dozen kids are already deep in their warm-ups  for the first game of the first tournament of the fall season .  The game begins at 8am!

The sun is shinning brightly just over the hill, the harsh desert is softened by  pink hues. After a summer of resting, the 20 field soccer complex is coated with a thick blanket of Kentucky blue grass. You can hear the hiss or the hum when one lands on it.

Yun can not help herself but go for a quick jog. She has the urge to just lie down in the grass and to watch the sky breaking into a bigger and bigger smile. From the other side of the soccer complex, she can see her son’s team in practice: bending, running, jumping , stretching….These 11-12 years boys have to get up at 6 and be driven 30 or 40 minutes to get here for the game. Their faces are glowing with joy, their voices are chirping and echoing in the cool  pink air. The life’s energy is not to be seen but to be felt. There is not mistake that  these kids carry the life energy for many of us. In Yun’s minds there is nothing a parent or an adult can do to repay the life energy a child brings into the world.

How arrogant that we say parenthood is a responsibility? Parenting is more of an honor given to us.  We have the pleasure of watching a baby grow into a toddler.  Then that toddler goes to elementary school,..then a young boy to young man in middle school.   Watching life unfold…. Yun’s eyes swell with tears, and she smiles remembering a story of this morning:

The game is scheduled at 8:00am, so warm up is at 7:00am. Adding 30 minutes of driving time, Yun told the kids the night before: “we will need to get up at 6:00am, get dressed and eat and go.” In her sleep, she heard the alarm clock go off in Patrick’s room. “Wow, six already. I wonder why my alarm has not gone off, it will in a minute,” Yun thought,  as she wanted to have an extra few more minutes of snoozing. After about 5 minutes, she got up to check what’s wrong with her alarm.   It says 5:50am. Puzzled, she walks into Patrick’s room. The boy is beaming,  ‘I set my alarm to 5:45am so I do not have to be late.” Yun is speechless, but deeply moved by the maturity of the boy.

After arriving at the game, sitting on the grassy field watching the few dozen kids running about in their uniform and walking by parents, Yun is still speechless but deeply touched by the unfolding of young, and old people. She is not alone.  A man walks by, Yun hears him uttering,  “Wow, what a day!”

That sums up a great day, at 7:00am in the morning!  She wishes every day at 7:00am, she can be shouting , ”Wow, what a day!’

“Bye for Now” from The Two Whos




Cece-one of The Two Whos


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