Honor a Woman You Love with BlogHers Act

What does it take to make a difference in another woman's life? Especially if that woman is someone you've never met with problems you can't begin to imagine? In years past you would need to sift through a hundred organizations, pick one with a decent reputation, find your checkbook and send your dollars via the U.S. postal service. Six weeks later you would receive a three page typed letter in the regular mail telling you how you made a difference. With the bar set that high, too few people gave and too many women continued to suffer.

Today--at this very moment--the compassion of the blogosphere and the savvy of social media make it incredibly easy to take time out to care. The power to change the world is in our hands like never before as organizations like Global Giving do the research for us and communities like BlogHer create initiatives to help us act. We know from experience that attention is the currency of social media. When we direct our focus, our communities and our PayPal dollars to social causes that matter to us, real change happens.

If you're passionate about the health and welfare of mothers around the world, BlogHers Act is inviting you to make a difference by giving your attention to four fantastic organizations doing amazing things for women around the world. Why not honor a woman you admire this Mother's Day by making a donation in her name and then letting her know all the ways she's inspired you to care about others?

Wondering where to start? Here's a primer to help you make a perfect match between that woman who inspires you and an organization that's changing the world:

Does the woman you admire value a home-cooked meal and a good education? Consider making a donation to The Friends of Burkina-Faso. This community of donors provides the funds for a good lunch so African girls can stay in school all day--a simple kindness that can go a long way. Donate here.

Does the woman you wish to honor value self-reliance and personal pride? Then you might decide to make a donation to The Positive Women's Network, an organization committed to giving South African women the tools they need to support themselves while fighting HIV and the social stigma attached. Donate here.

Does the woman you want to thank have a special interest in health and safety?
Make her day by giving to Relief International's health clinic in the Zam Zam, a refugee camp in North Darfur. You can tell her with confidence that your donation will train health workers and midwives serving this high-risk population. Donate here.

Does the woman who has made a difference in your life have a wanderlust for amazing, faraway places? Take her to Nepal with your donation to the Karing for Kids Mother and Child Health Clinic where 7,000 rural villagers in Nepal receive kind and quality care in one of the most exotic places on earth. Donate here.

Your simple note stating the thing you love and admire about this special woman in your life along with news of your donation will mark one of the most meaningful thank yous she has ever received. Take the power you hold to make a difference and make it work for two women this Mother's Day: a woman around the world you'll probably never meet and the woman in your life you just can't live without.

Jen Lemen blogs about art, soul and stories at jenlemen.com. You can find out about her upcoming adventure to help young girls in Rwanda here.

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