In honour of our everyday dad

There are two types of fathers. The birth dad, and the everyday dad. Sometimes the same person fills both roles. Sometimes, life doesn’t work out that way. Maybe the birth father wanted to be the everyday dad, but for whatever reason – duty to another family, work, prison, or in our case, death – he can’t. The birth dad is a biological fact. But the everyday dad, for the most part, is a choice. The everyday dad chooses to take an active role in the rearing of his child: adopted, assumed, or biological. The everyday dad chooses to pick his child up from school, take them to sports or on dates, to wake up in the middle of the night to comfort the little being who has taken up residence in his heart. The everyday dad is the man who fills the role of father, day in and day out, who teaches his children what a man should be, and how they can expect men to treat them.

Today, we honour the everyday dad in our lives. Our everyday dad has filled 298 days with wonder, laughter, comfort for disappointments, discipline, guidance, love, wisdom, irreplaceable memories, dates, packed lunches, childcare, reassurance, music, creativity, bike riding lessons, science, reading, imagination, friendship, tears, humour, giggles, ridiculousness, passion, magic in the garden, an appreciation for nature, prayer, kindness, patience, and more.

We have everyday children who need everyday dads.

Jason, the gifts you have given this family over the past 298 days are priceless. Thank you for being Alexis’ everyday dad. We love you.


Shawna Percy

Author, Speaker, Advocate 

Shawna is the published author of Breathe: a true story about marriage, faith, and attempted suicide. 


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