Hooters! It's Where You Have a Hoot!

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Hooters Hollywood signAs my son and I walked through the mall attempting to decide where to eat. His eyes looked up at the bright orange sign and said, "Why don't we give Hooters a try?"

I sighed, "Umm. Let's go somewhere else that you might like to try!"

"Mom! Everybody says Hooters is the place where you have a hoot!"

"A hoot?"

"Yes! A hoot!

"Who says that?"

"I don't know! I just heard it."

His nine-year old eyes innocently looking up at me, "Can we go?"

"It's not really a place to have a hoot. It's just a restaurant. And I have heard the food is terrible."

"But I want to try it!"

"How about you pick something else? And we can have ice cream afterwards?"

I know the great parental bribe! I have never pretended to be above it. At the same time, it was my last attempt to change the subject. How did I explain to my son that I did not want to eat at Hooters because the woman were objectified in short shorts and low-cut tank tops. Was it really time for this conversation?

"Mom! Come on! Please! Please!"

If anyone was stubborn it was him and he wasn't giving up!

"It looks fine. Can we go?"

And with that I diverted the subject, "Let's have lunch later, and go check-out the skateboard shop."

Crisis averted! But who knows for how long?

When is the right time to discuss the objectification of woman and sex? Can it be avoided? If so, for how long?

Photo Credit: espensorvik.


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