Hormonal Heat Wave

I am too young for this.  Period.  Not exclamation. Period.  A statement.  A fact.  I’m only 41 (okay, nearing 42.) For the most part I feel 31 (okay, 21.)

 Why doesn’t my body agree?

 Who the hell set my internal temperature 20 degrees higher than the rest of the world?

Hot Hot Hot

 I am freezing my family.  They wear winter pajamas and slipper socks around the house and complain when they MUST get in the car with me.

 I have managed to control my desire to strip in public, or at least I had it under control until last week. Read: I basically stripped over an air vent at a friend’s home last week - pretty certain her husband wouldn't have appreciated that any more than mine!

 Monthly Bunco should be about girlfriends and alcohol, right?  July’s game night with 12 of my closest neighborhood girlfriends turned in to a “Oh honey, I’m 50 and still having flashes” night.  I made it through the night half naked, fanning myself with paper plates, and sweating profusely.  Completely unattractive.

 I am too young for this. 



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Mrs. H

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