Hormones and Hairloss

Oh the joys of becoming a mother… our hormones are so out of control that people feel like they need to bring a box of tissue and a shield when coming to visit! And as I discovered today, there is apparently no avoiding the post-baby hair loss!

After our first baby was born I was shocked at the handfuls of hair I would pull out after shampooing; only to be followed by brush full after brush full while my hair was drying. This happened for months and only stopped when I was well into my second trimester with my second! Now three months old I thought that I had managed to bypass the hair loss dilemma this go around, but as I discovered today, no such luck!

Men have no idea what we go through! Nine months of a growing body, back aches, out of control hormones only to be followed by hours of excruciating labor, stretch marks, even more postpartum hormones and just as we are starting to feel a little bit better, like we have our lives back again, our hair starts to fall out!

Yes, it is all “worth it”, no amount of “suffering” can compare to the joys of motherhood but my goodness… having a baby makes us feel like we have lost our minds at times, do we really have to lose our hair too??


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