Hormonophobia: Media Hysteria & The War Against Hormone Therapy

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has a scathing review of the media hysteria surrounding the two poor quality papers (out of the hundreds published on the topic) about testosterone (T) therapy in men that I recently discussed. 

Instead of reporting a life saving benefit of testosterone supplementation as found in study after study, these studies contrarily suggested a risk of Testosterone therapy.

Media hysteria and hormonophobia around Testosterone therapy for men
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The War Against Hormone Therapy

If you have been living or breathing in the past few months, you know the media jumped all OVER these two papers, while ignoring the established solid evidence showing that testosterone therapy SAVES LIVES.

The Actual Science

The journal editorial states “Neither study…provides any credible evidence that T use is associated with increased cardiovascular risk.”

The author compares the current bad medicine to what happened with Hormone Replacement Therapy in women in the past decade. “In both cases, the allegations regarding risk were distorted, opposing views were trampled by a stampede of negative press, and the actual sceince regarding risk was hijacked in a broader war against the use of hormones.”

Why The Hysteria?

The author proposes the hysteria surrounding this topic is a mix of vocal groups that have come together including: “antipharma” groups, “naturalists opposed to medicalization of aging” and “antisex” groups.

The current outrage over the use of T therapy, they suggest, should be regarded as “hormonophobia“. The author proposes that the true outrage is that men suffering from a poor quality of life due to a T deficiency may fail to receive proper treatment that could improve how they feel as well as significantly prolonging their lives, due to a social hysteria unrelated to actual medical evidence.

- Dr. E

Science can help us nurture and enjoy our sexual selves. 


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