That Horrifying Moment When Your Dog Attacks

     The kids went outside to play, and that's where our dog was.  Now, she likes to jump up and she also barks when people come over, so I had her in a fenced off area outside.  I figured it was just best to not worry about what she was doing and whether she was knocking someone over.  If she was put up for the time, I could focus on our visitors.  The kids were told she had to be there while our friends visited.  However, my oldest got it into his head that he wanted to take her out.  I happened to catch a glimpse of him out the window opening the gate, and I walked outside to tell him that was not allowed.  What happened over the next 3-4 minutes was sheer insanity.

     As soon as she got out of her area, she bolted across the yard to where the kids were playing.  Turbo had her on a leash, but she weighs as much as he does and he was just no match for her determination.  She drug him behind her as he yelled for her to stop.  She pulled him so suddenly and so hard the leash gave him a "rug burn" on his hand.  Our dog jumped up and tried to get into the window of the playhouse where the other kids were.  They all shrunk back against the far wall.  By this time, I was next to Turbo, grabbed the leash, and consoled Peter, saying, "It's okay; she is jumpy but that's all."  June was right behind me at this point.  She wasn't worried at all, but was great the whole visit about making sure her son was behaving and that everything was okay.  I wouldn't have expected anything else.  

     Then she bent to tell our dog hello, and our dog lept up and clamped her jaw down right around June's neck.  She slipped right out of her collar, even though I held her leash tight.  She just lost it.  June stood up, screaming, and our dog was still on her neck, paws extended onto her chest, and standing on her back legs.  She reached the full height of June like this and I could hear her snarling like some viscious attack dog from a movie.  I was standing there, holding my baby on my hip, screaming, "No! Stop! Go lay down!" like some idiot.  In an instant, June pushed our dog off of her, and I pinned her to the ground.  She sat beneath me, tense, and I held her as tight as I could.  I told everyone to get inside.  Baby Z didn't even seem phased at this point, but Peter was frantic, and my older kids just all looked confused like they couldn't believe what had just happened.  

     Once everyone was safely inside, I put the collar and leash back on our dog, our sweet rescued new member of the family, and put her back in her fenced off area.  I went inside to assess the situation, shocked at what I'd just seen.  Peter was on our couch, and he was seriously upset.  June was in the bathroom, and I asked her through the door if she was okay.  She was crying and near hysterical, but she said she was okay and she knew what to do about an animal bite.  When she came out, her shirt was soaked in blood, and she had a towel pressed to her neck.  She said she knew she needed stitches because pressure wasn't helping.  I started shaking and I felt like I was going to throw up.  I asked her if I could do anything at all for her, drive her to the hospital or get her anything and she said no.  That they'd be leaving and that she'd had a really great time up until...well...this happened.  

     She said she would text me to let me know she was okay and we said good bye.  I walked back through my house and saw a trail of blood from my back door to my bathroom and I kind of lost it.  Once my son realized what had happened, and that we couldn't keep our dog anymore because she had bitten someone, he started screaming at the top of his lungs "NO!" over and over and over again while he threw himself on the couch.  The baby cried because I had to put him in his high chair while I cleaned up blood so he wouldn't walk through it.  The toolman sat with his hands over his ears while he shook and huge tears rolled down his sweet little cheeks.  It was chaos.  

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