Horses and Horses and more, Oh My



We were out at the barn yesterday.  Emma has a new horse.


**Once again, not rich! Trust me, Beerhounds cats have cost me more money than our horses.  They have ruined more furniture than I care to remember and let's not even start on Rue, the destroyer of all things wood**


We also picked up Mutt, Jeff and BB to spend the night so Mike and Liz could to a costume party.  They were the sheriff and Indian Princess.  I'll let you guess who went as which character.  Hopefully, Liz got pictures and we will all have a good laugh.


So here I sit, watching Pound Puppies with a 5 year old, a 4 year old and a toddler.  Beerhound, Bonnie and Emma deserted me for the Special Olympics again.


You know that day you're supposed to get once a year, the day you spend all year looking forward to, salivating over? The one day when you get to sleep in an extra hour without guilt? I hate to say it but kids don't understand that day - AT ALL.  They were up at 6:00 am and I was changing diapers by 6:15.  I'm too old for this shit, literally.


But I digress, again.


I was able to take some fairly good pictures and I love showing the horses off.  Enjoy, if you can, I do everyday.  They really do give my soul peace.


Emma and Maggie May




Maggie May





Makenna at Sunset




My two babies. And don't criticize my photo taking. It's hard to get Emma to smile. I take them when I can get them.









Have a wonderful Sunday and may you find peace in what you love just as we do in our horses.


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