Hospital and Holiday Stress



 This has been the most eventful holiday season in quite sometime. Last week my best friend had her appendix removed. Of courrse I went and helped her out, sat with her, kept her occupied etc. I'm like a hamster on crack when necessary. I'm entertaining when you need someone to keep your spirits up.

But I was exhausted. I was sick and I still had to buy everyone's Christmas gifts. OY

Fast forward 36 hours and I am back at a different hospital with my husband. I was not too scared. I knew he was going to be fine. But I will admit I was a bit freaked out, just from being overwhelmed and tired.

After that, I just want wanted to get through the holidays. I was already wore out and knw i was going to spend the holidays hovering over the hubs and texting my bff all the time, to make sure she was fine.

But I was grateful that my hubs was on the mend as was my bff. Which had a nice side effect. Every holiday since my mother passed away, I have mourned her absence. I have lived with a sad melancholy undertone to everything we do during the holidays. But this holdiay that was not there. I was freer, more uplifted. I believe I was just so very thankful for the health of my loved ones, I couldn't be bothered to be pulled down.

 at least there was that.


Now to get through the new year and i will be happy. Just a few more days and 2011 will be over. I can't say that I am too sad to see it go.


how was your holiday?


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