Hospital Bag: What I'm Packing

Well I have two and a half weeks left until my due date. I guess that means it's time to pack my hospital bag. Eek.  I am not prepared. Ha. But it is almost time to get the show on the road. 
There was an article in Fit Pregnancy Magazine about preparing for labor. I found this snapshot helpful of what they suggest! Not the best snap shot but it's better than nothing...

I'm trying to keep mine as simple and minimal as possible. I don't want to tote around all these things that I don't need! Hopefully I don't miss anything too essential. 

Nightgowns I got mine from Target. I bought two. I'm not sure if it will be enough. But let's hope it is! The ones from Target are super comfy and soft. I bought a size larger than I normally wear to make sure it's roomy in case I have a C-Section. 
The robe pictured is from Target. The one I personally bought was from Bealls Outlet. It was a steal at $7.99! Super comfy and soft. I chose white. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad idea but pretty much every robe I see is always white! 
Yoga Pants I'm bringing my Lulu Lemon pants. I hope this isn't a mistake since they are generally so expensive! But I want something comfy in case I need lounging pants. Luckily they still fit. 
Boppy Pillow I'm definitely bringing this because I want to maximize the help I can get from Lactation Consultants. Bringing the boppy will allow me to ask them what positions they find best that I can do at home!
Nursing Pads  I'm not sure if hospitals provide this for you but I packed 4 just in case they don't. I also packed nursing cream (not pictured) just in case!
Nursing Bras I packed two soft, unlined nursing bras. I also plan on buying some nursing tank tops from Target since I don't have any yet! 
Not pictured: toiletries, camera, cell phone chargers, pacifiers, going home outfit, carseat, and what I'm planning on wearing home (because let's be honest...I have no idea what to pack to wear home...)
I'm packing everything in my diaper bag since it's adorable and roomy! 
What am I forgetting? What did you pack in your hospital bag? What did you wear home? 
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