Host a Narnia-themed birthday party

My 8-year-old has been reading the Chronicles of Narnia series, so for his birthday this year, he wanted to have a Narnia party. I was happy to oblige, especially since The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe is one of my all-time favorite children’s books.

As the guests arrived, we gathered in the family room and watched a few scenes from the movie. Most of the kids had never seen the movies or read the books so I gave a quick synopsis. Then it was time to enter the “wardrobe” – our basement. At the bottom of the stairs, I hung a shower curtain rod and hung some coats. The kids had to pass through the coats to enter “Narnia.” Then they saw the lamp post surrounded by fake snow fluff.


To make the lamp post, I covered the pole with black streamers. For the light, I cut four panels from white cardstock, drew the candle and stapled them together.


On one side of the basement was a winter wonderland, with snowflakes and Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling. I also put up my undecorated Christmas trees to give a forest effect. I got the Narnia music CD’s from the library to play in the background.


On the other side of the basement was Aslan’s tent, so it had more of a royal or Medieval look. I hung a white sheet from the ceiling for the back of the tent and then used streamers, balloons and this pennant from Amazon. Amazon also had some really cool medieval decorations if you want to go more that route. Then we used a chair as a “throne” which was used for the birthday boy to open his presents. I spread pillows around on the floor for the kids to sit on.

aslan's tent


Peter’s Crown Station: We decorated plain white crowns with markers and jewels. I got the crowns from Michael’s. We used the crowns later in our coronation ceremony as we crowned each child a king or queen of Narnia. Just like in the movie, each child was given a special name, like John the Brave or Sally the Graceful.



White Witch’s Snowflake Station: We also cut out snowflakes. I thought 2nd graders could handle folding the paper, but it was too hard for them. I’d recommend folding ahead of time.



Susan’s Archery Station: I drew a target and hung it on the wall for the kids to practice archery.



Mr. Beaver’s Building Station: I used my son’s MANY castles and castle guys for a free play area. The kids really liked playing with this. I even had a bucket of Legos for them to build a castle, but it was never opened.



Snowball blowing competition: We divided the kids into teams of two. I gave each child a cotton ball and a drinking straw. At “Go” they were to blow their cotton ball with their straw across the room. Whoever reached the wall first was the winner.

Snowball fight: To make “snowballs,” put in a small amount of uncooked rice into white balloons. Blow them up just a little bit and tie closed. The rice helps the balloons throw more like a ball instead of floating through the air. (Sorry no pictures here, it was getting a little crazy at this point!)


Mr. Tumnus’ Hot Chocolate Station: One of the kids’ favorite things was our hot chocolate station. Our toppings were whipped cream, chocolate chips, peppermint baking chips, candy canes and of course marshmallows.



After hot chocolate was served, we let them eat some snacks along with their cupcake. The cupcakes were so simple – white frosting, blue sugar sprinkles and some edible snowflake decorations that I found on clearance at Party City.


We also tried Turkish Delight which is mentioned in the book as Edmund’s favorite treat. I ordered them from Amazon. Most of the kids tried it but weren’t big fans. We discovered that the red ones were rose flavored which was kind of weird, but that the lemon ones were better.


We also tasted Beaver Sticks (pretzel rods) and snowballs (popcorn).


Water was served as a “melted snowman.” You can find these labels all over Pinterest.



For their treats, we gave each child a foam sword (for battles in Narnia), a slide whistle (similar to a pan flute like Mr. Tumnus had), a bouncy ball (which was clear like ice), a hot chocolate packet, a candy cane and some Cookies n’ Creme Hershey’s Kisses (I thought they looked wintery from the blue/white packaging).


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