Bloggers Review Two New Chocolatey Treats from Hostess. Plus Enter to Win $100!

March 31, 2012: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion!

Tantalize your taste buds with Hostess® snack cakes. Now there is more to love about Hostess with two new chocolatey treats. Chocolate lovers score with both new Chocolate Creme Twinkies® and new Frosted Devil's Food Donettes®

Hostess invited bloggers to try the two new chocolatey treats and share their thoughts. Vist each of their reviews for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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Chocolaty Goodness

We recently had the opportunity to try the new Hostess Frosted Devil’s Food Donettes®. My kids arrived home from school to a bag of these new, moist, devil’s food cake mini doughnuts dipped in a chocolate-flavored coating waiting for them as an after school snack. They were all smiles to get this special treat and excited to try out the new flavor. The unique combination of devil’s food cake and rich chocolaty coating creates an indulgent new flavor. My kiddos gobbled them up and enjoyed every last one. My husband was home and took his fair share to sample too. ...more

The Best Mail Ever

when talby went to her first camp this summer i sent her a care package and it had these New Frosted Devil's Food Donettes® and a card. she was thrilled...said it was the best mail ever! according to Hostess®, Donettes® are one of their most popular products. have you ever had them for breakfast? we do on special occasions...vacation road trips, birthdays, or no-school days just to make it more fun! kids think it's pretty awesome. ...more

The Right Way to Eat a Cupcake

One type of treat my siblings and I all really loved growing up were the different types of Hostess® snacks. Even just seeing things like Hostess® Cherry Pies®, Suzy-Q's®, and Hostess® CupCakes® make me smile and think of sitting around our octagonal kitchen table, working on our treats in a very particular way. ...more

It's Funny What We Remember

When I was a little girl, my dad bought HoHos® all the time. There was always a box of HoHos® sitting on top of our refrigerator, enticing my sister and me to creative problem-solving methods of snack cake theft. My dad pretended he wouldn't share his HoHos®, but he always did. I learned early on that it's okay to have a little sweet treat sometimes. After we ate our supper, my sister and I could have a HoHo®. If I remember correctly, there were two to a package, and we split the package between us. Oh, the memories. ...more

Utterly Delectable

Maybe it was because we never did have a bomb shelter, but Hostess® products were a rarity in our house when I was a kid. Twinkies® , in essence, were those treats my parents brought out for special occasions–like when we had “company” over. I always felt like I was missing out, and apparently, I was. ...more

You Always Want What You Don't Have

I remember being in elementary school, sitting in the cafeteria and opening up my lunch, eager to see what was inside. (If it was pickle and pimento loaf with cheese, I was one happy girl!) My mom always included a little dessert treat in there, too. And, here’s the thing…my mom? Was a baker. She made home-baked cookies, brownies, cakes, cookie bars, etc. all the time! That green ceramic cookie jar on our counter was full more often than not. And, so, my lunchbox treats tended to be homemade cookies. But the girl who sat next to me? Oh, man, her mom bought her treats....more

Don't Mess With My Donettes!

When I was contacted to do a Hostess® Donettes® and Twinkie® review I whooped and pumped my fist in the air. Oh yeah! They had no way of knowing, but I am Donettes’ #1 fan. A special breakfast tray of Donettes is delivered to my bed every Mother’s Day and birthday, I am that big of a fan. A little side of bacon and some strong coffee and who needs anything else? I’m not even kidding, ...more

Hands Free Baking

I grew up with a deep and abiding love of Hostess® Snack Cakes, as my sweet mother was not a particularly gifted baker. My personal favorite would have to be the Hostess® CupCakes® with all that chocolaty goodness and creme-filled center. ...more

Memories From Grandma's House

Hostess® has been around since 1930, since before my parents were born. They grew up with Hostess® products; I grew up with them, and now my kids are enjoying them, too. I think my grandma, in particular, would have loved the New Chocolate Crème Twinkies®! Though I have no doubt my 10 year old self would have tried extra-hard to sneak one. I know this because my daughter loves them. She takes after her mother like that. ...more

Go A Little Crazy For Chocolatey Treats

Would you like to know what can shoot me straight back to 6th grade in a hurry? Hostess® HoHos®. Those were my lunch of choice back then. I mean, sure, my mom packed sandwiches and bags of chips, but we all know my main focus was on the cake. I haven’t changed much, have I? ...more