Hosting a Chili Cook-off Like an Expert


For the last six years I have helped organize a chili cook-off in my office.  It is always around Valentine's Day and the proceeds go to charity. 

This is my pet project every year.  The first year that I suggested it we had no idea if it would work but eight people brought in chili and it has grown every year.  I feel like I have this down so I thought I would offer my 5 Easy Steps to Hosting a Chili Cook-off.  I even have some handy printables for you to use or use as inspiration.
To see all of the steps check out Hosting a Chili Cook-off in 5 Easy Steps.

Stay tuned for my Can Opener Chili recipe!

 voting numbers for chili cook-off
voting printable here 
 Chili cook-off certificate
Certificate printable here


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