Hosting Detox: 5 Tips to Keep you Fresh..and Sane

So you've hosted Thanksgiving, have you?! You've navigated the guests, the surprises, and the blunders, and also taken joy in the food you've prepared and the joy it brought to others.  And now, expectedly enough, you may be exhausted!  You  may also have a round 2 of hosting duties to prepare for (ie: his side of the family today or tomorrow perhaps?), or you are hosting house guests.  No need to fizzle out. I've found that there are little things I can do to help keep me fresh.. and sound in body and mind.


Don't eat Anymore Cheese.
Say No to Me

I'm serious about this one.  Cheese plates and cheese laden foods are EVERYWHERE, and chances are, you have eaten more than your fair share, because yes, cheese is yummy.  But it really can make you look and feel bloated!  Get fresh and cut it out here and say no to the cheese for the next couple days

Get Some Fresh Air!
Get out of the House and Take a Nice Walk or Run

I know you've been couped up in the house slaving away to prepare for your guests--you don't even have to tell me.  You may convince yourself that you have no time, but trust me, everyone has a half hour in their pocket.  Not only will you feel refreshed due to the alone time you've allowed your brain to experience, but your body will thank you too!  After all that food--nice to burn it off a bit.

Cut Your Alcohol.

You may think a drink here or two actually helps you to relax, which, it may very well do--on day 1, and drinks 1 and 2.  But, by day 2 or 3, drink 10 or 12, your body is dying for some hydration, aka water!  Pass on the heavy drinking and limit yourself to one glass of wine during dinner--you will feel fresh and more in control.

Eat Some Raw Foods.
Yummy and Fresh!

We all know that we all tend to eat more than we normally would on Thanksgiving, because everything is so tasty, and there's so much to try--so this is not a new revelation.  But,  think about what you've just eaten and you'll realize that every food has been thoroughly prepared:   BBQ'd beans that have cooked for 2.5 hours, sweet potatoes that have been boiled and then baked, the Turkey that has baked for 3 plus hours!  Eat some raw foods that have actually not been depleted of their nutrients: raw veggies, some fresh greek yogurt, or fresh fruit. Even if it is just for breakfast, your body with thank you!

Wake up at least 30 Minutes Before your House Guests.
A Moment To Yourself Goes a Long Way

If you have a full house, this 30 minutes of solitude will mean alot.  Imagine it now: A nice warm cup of coffee with some fruit, as you look outside your window to greet the sunshine.. and yes, quiet!  Once your guests wake up, you will be fresh and ready to greet them, and to take on the day!


What are some other stay sane tips that you follow? Share with me!


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