Hot Topic: What To Wear To BlogHer? I'll Tell You!

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It's that time of year: We are one week away from the annual BlogHer conference, and Twitter is atwitter with the all-important question: What are you wearing to BlogHer?

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Well, let me tell you: I have opinions on the matter.

Don't sweat it; I'm no Fashionista de Vil, turning up my nose at your frock and letting you know it's so "last season." Rather I fancy myself a kind of Angel of Mercy, giving you tips to make you comfortable and happy. And being comfortable in New York City in August, where the concrete reflects the heat and the humidity has Thailand beat? Not so simple.

In New York City in August, fashion changes gears from vanity to sanity. I have lived here 21 godforsaken summers, and I have learned to live by some rules on what to wear. Plus, I still manage to look pretty. (At least, my son says so. He can be trusted, right?)

So, without further ado, my style tips for BlogHer:


I dress in one of two fashions during hideous NYC summers: I wear flowy, lightweight cotton tunics/kurtas with leggings or lightweight denim leggings (I'm loving the Gap's; have them in three colors). Leggings may seem counterintutive in the heat, but (1) they are flexible and soft and absorb sweat, and (2) they keep me from feeling like Bea Arthur from Maude.


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You have to be careful about how much floaty you wear as you get older; the line between tunic and muumuu can get verrrrry narrow. You younger girls? Rock the floaty without the leggings--live every moment!

Alternatively, I wear dresses made from t-shirt material so I can sweat into them like a mother. I scored two this year that were each less than $15 (one from Target, one from Old Navy). I also wear a very sexy undergarment called Skinny Britches from Spanx so that sweaty thighs don't lead to to chafe. You may think your thighs are thin enough that they never chafe, but they will chafe in NYC, I swear to you. (Unless, of course, you plan to stand in one spot the whole time you're here.) Here's a link to Zappos), because you can get them overnight! (We'll try to ignore the fact that you could drive a truck between the model's thighs in the product picture.)


You can pretend you will style it with love and affection every morning, but you will wear it up any time you are outside. This is not the weekend to fight your hair's texture: If you have curls, go curly. If you are straight, wear a pony. If you are natural? You're all set! I do take my hair down when I get into A/C but otherwise it's all stacked on my head with assorted clips and things because having long hair in the summer is like wearing an alpaca scarf wrapped around your neck: suffocating.


Bring only shoes for comfort. You may pack something else for fun, and to look at every morning as you get dressed, but I guarantee you won't wear them for long. BlogHer's fab love & sex editor AV Flox came to NYC two years ago with her usual shoe-drobe of stilettos and couldn't get any of them on. Never pumps in summer! You need forgiving straps that can be adjusted with the swellage. But I'll be wearing heels every day, because that's just the kind of girl I am.



Don't forget a scarf! I call my scarves my blankies, because I take them everywhere, and I usually bring two or three to every conference I attend! Bring at least one big scarf you love so you can wrap yourself up in it in the A/C-chilly conference rooms and in restaurants.


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Final piece of advice: In the end, no one will know what you're wearing. No one will notice your shoes (except me). They will notice if you're comfortable, happy and having a great time. Dress accordingly. And in NYC anything goes, all the time, so, truly, you're all set, no matter what you pack!!

Woo-hoo, let's go BlogHers! See you next week! And did I tell you? You look cute today!


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