Another Treat for BlogHer '12: A Hotel Room of One's Own

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There are a myriad of excellent reasons to attend BlogHer ‘12 and to the pile I would like to add just one more...a hotel room of my own.

I feel like I should preface this with telling you how much I love my husband and kids, but I am going to skip straight over that and tell you how much I love staying in a hotel without them. This little lick of luxury does not happen very often but when it does, like on my upcoming trip to NYC, I savor every minute.

What's so great?

There are no distractions, none. I cannot empty the dishwasher, listen to someone’s problem or wonder why there is no OJ left when I remembered putting it in the cart...thirsty teens, left it at the checkout? I can’t throw in a load of laundry or worry if the dog was limping like that last week. I can just think...just me, my thoughts, it is like a spa for the soul.

I love waking up in a strange room. I love a strange bed, different linens and an unfamiliar view out the window. I moved constantly throughout my life until my kids were in middle school. Since then life has been geographically stable, so I love this taste of earlier days and the novelty that goes along with it.

Double Bed Hilton Hotel Manhattan New York City

I love the spotless bathrooms and exploring new toiletries...I know they come with the cost of the room, but it always feels like small personal gifts to me even when I know I can buy the same things at CVS. If they are good, I swipe them.

A bathroom to myself. I shared bathrooms with brothers, roommates and then a husband, and while I am not complaining, a bathroom to myself, even for a single night or two, is certainly one of life’s little luxuries.

I love watching TV in bed. In our home we only have one TV, in a valiant effort to control my children’s watching habits and to encourage all of us to read in bed (yes, I know this was pre-internet). TV in bed feels like a guilty pleasure.

Room service, need I say more. Not sure why I can’t get this at home?

Almost every morning for eighteen years I have awakened one or more of my kids and my husband for school, jobs, sports...whatever. I love setting my alarm and then walking into my sons’ room and softly calling their names to begin our day. But in my hotel room I have only myself to worry about and for a night, that sounds just about right.


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