HotMoviesForHer Welcomes Oprah Viewers!

This just in – Oprah loves porn!  Why else would she spend an entire hour-long show dedicated to porn and erotica for women?  Well, I guess it could be the statistic that 1 in 3 porn consumers are women, and that 70% of those women watch it in secret, so maybe Oprah just wanted to put the spotlight on something taboo, but relevant to so many women.  I guess it could have been ratings – I mean, what gets bigger rating than talking about sex?  Nah, I still think it’s because Oprah loves porn.*

And because Oprah loves porn (it may even be one of her favorite things!) and talked about all the hot lady movies there are out there, we thought maybe we’d have some newbies coming to the site today.

So, welcome Oprah viewers!  Congratulations on your decision to see what kind of sexy stuff is out here in the internet adult world!  You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for a comfortable, classy site that was make just for you.

We are not just a lady-friendly site, we are an adult site specifically created for women!  And even better, we are totally women-run!  That’s right, those pictures you see to the right are really us! Well, the Porn Librarian isn’t actually a pile of books, but since she usually has her face buried in one, we figured that would be more representative of her.  Anyway, I digress.  Welcome to HotMoviesForHer!

In celebration of you, we thought it would be fun to spotlight some of the great porn that Oprah mentioned, as well as some of our favorites… kind of like a HotMoviesForHer Porn Club!   We also want to make sure that you know that we aren’t here to tell you what kind of movies you should like.  Women all like different things and their porn preferences run from the tamest erotica to the hardest of hardcore.  And who are we to say otherwise?  So, these picks are just some suggestions to get you rolling, but be sure to explore the whole site and find the flicks that truly get your motor running!

The Masseuse (2004): This Jenna Jameson movie was plugged on Oprah’s show as one of hottest erotic journeys around.   Filmed with her then husband, Justin Sterling, The Masseuse is full of real passion and chemistry.  A totally sensual experience.


Check out the rest of the list and all the other great movies we have at!

-J.D. Bauchery and the ladies of HM4Her

PS.  Feel free to email me ( if you have any questions or would like a few recommendations!

*NOTE: We have no idea if Oprah loves porn. I mean, who doesn’t, but this is not a fact, just an opinion that we hold. So don’t get mad Oprah’s people…



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