Hottest List For Christmas

Donetta Sifford

     In 1998 one of the hottest new toys on the market had grown people behaving irrationally to try and grab their child one for Christmas.  I remember because my best friend's son was about 2 or 3 and I had no children.  He did get one and it's name was Furby!  Now, 2012, Furby has made a huge comback and selling out all over stores this year.  I sighed in relief when I did spot two at my local Wal-mart with the colors my daughters wanted.  Pink for my 6 year old and white for my 10 year old.  Now my memory of Furby was my friends son's didn't learn to much other than Furby talk.  Crossing my fingers the two I bought will learn words and talk to one another, as advertised.  At least two of the things on my Christmas list were taken care of.

     It seems Ipads have become a huge deal in the tweens world or at least the world of my 10 year old and her friends.  I am out of date with technology.  I did find a tablet that has various things it can do and touch screen.  I am not sure if I am getting her the right choice or not.  She did get a sneak peek at it online and assured me that would make her happy.  We shall see.  Before I purchase this item, I want to talk to someone who can explain all the different things she can do on it, and I only have a week left to do so.  Along with this item, I have heard touchscreen phone, ect from her several times but am very glad her father in Jacksonville, N.C. has purchased her a phone.  Since he is up to date with all the latest gadgets, I'm sure she will be pleased.

     Then there is my 6 year old, who of course will have her pink Furby, but this year she seems stuck on exactly what she wants.  She hasn't picked out a big item for me so I am having to guess at this one.  Right now I am pretty sure by the end of the week she will have under the tree a new television set for her room with a built in dvd player for all her movies.  I am hoping this, along with Furby, and then many other smaller gift items, that she will be pleased.  Though, I'm sure in my heart she will be.  Seems it is much easier to please her than it is my 10 year old who believes she is already 13. 

     Anyone else have any suggestions they can throw out my way in the next couple of days of what children are wanting this year?  What is 'trending' as they say?  I do know that no matter how much technology there is in the world, both my girls still enjoy an old school, paper or hard back book to read!  I definitely cherish this and am glad I have instilled in them the importance of reading books that you get off the shelves.  In a world full of google, e-books, and anything else someone can think of, it's nice to know a book can still bring a smile to my daughter's faces! 

     Any interesting hot items you are buying for Christmas, please feel free to share!!!! 


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