An Hour with Barbara Barry

Designer Barbara Barry started off the second day of Design Bloggers Conference, and she was the perfect person to kick start our day.  She spoke on her passion: the things that inspire her daily life and design and her newest and first book, Around Beauty.


Barbara Barry grew up and currently lives in California, and it is evident that living in California has greatly influenced her sense of style and color.  She has been in the design industry for over 30 years, and has created an empire in the home furnishings industry as well as in her design work.  She has partnered with several furniture lines, she has a fabric collections with Kravet, lighting line, tile and stone, bed and bath accessories, and more.

A shot of several watercolors of Barbara's pieces.


And now she can add author to her list of accomplishments and resume.  Her bookAround Beauty, is a beautiful visual documentary of what inspires Barbara Barry.  A book that brings insight into what Barbara loves and what inspires her.  



As Barbara spoke on the beauty that is all around, she described that the most simplistic things are her inspiration--the elegant forms and harmonious colors.  But in order to really see and notice these elements, the idea she stressed was that you really have to look at the objects and appreciate their true forms.   



And to see and appreciate beauty does not mean the object(s) have to be perfect, she showed an image of dinner plates after a party laying around the table.  Showing that their is beauty even in a mess.  Which is so true to life: life can be a beautiful mess, and when you see the beauty in the mess there is something uplifting and positive from this realization.

A shot of the image of dirty plates...see how beautiful they are!



Barbara tied into how beauty and inspiration impacts her design and also how she sees the beauty in the "Dance of Design"--her process of designing for her clients.  She said for her, it is a circular, organic, start and stop process.  Stating that, "Design isn't static",  you can see that through her description of her design process, that even the process of design is not static.  It's a fluid motion process and motion, which is what design is in a home.  There is a continuous flow from each room and within each individual room there should be a continuity of functionality.




To listen to Barbara speak on how she finds beauty in her everyday life was such an uplifting and spiritual journey.  Her soothing voice and topic on beauty all around had us all feeling uplifted, inspired, and in awe--inspired to be a better designer and to "turn off" and really see and be in the moment and its beauty.  



I hope I was able to convey the beauty she shared with us and that you feel inspired after reading this post.  But before you go enjoy this video by Barbara Barry on her new book, Around Beauty, published by Rizzoli.



You can purchase Barbara's new book, here.


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