House Divided

This is a follow up to my previous blog post about the upcoming NFC Championship game between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.  I talked about how my packer fan husband and myself, a bears fan, have been living under one roof for 12 years and yesterday the rivalry was for all the marbles.  

Unfortunately for me, the marbles went to my husband and the other Packer fans. The Bears lost. Like most Bears fans I blame Jay Cutler for several reasons. First, he came out playing terribly. Even during pre-game warmups he was throwing the ball badly - a tell tale sign of a QB who is scared and not focused.  And like other Bears fans I can't believe he bowed out of the 2nd half because of a bad knee??? What??? Bad knee? What the heck happened to your knee? There was no footage of a hit that may have injured the QB - he was just suddenly unable to play.  Chicago fans are calling for his head! All I know is that MRI better come back with some torn ligaments if that man wants a chance to keep playing in Chicago.  If he is hurt, then I take it all back.  If he's not hurt, then trade 'em!

Another issue I had with yesterday's game was the officiating. This hasn't been talked about much but should be.  This is funny because my packer-fan of a husband was complaining about the officiating all week long. He didn't like the lead referee who was the ref during the Bears victory over the Packers earlier this season. Looks like he was paying the Packers back.  There were a number of "poor" calls...but one of the most notable was the play that was reviewed and upheld for a Packer interception and 20+yard return.  Before the ref came back with his call on this play, the commentators were interviewing the recently retired lead ref who was saying how it was not a catch and should be called back.  And as the words were coming out of his mouth, the ref on the field upheld the call and let the play stand. A huge set back for the Bears.  There were other officiating errors, but ultimately the Bears lost so I must concede defeat.

While I'm terribly disappointed in Cutler's performance - I think it took tremendous guts for the coaching staff to pull the 2nd string QB (whatever his name is- I kept calling him Tom Collins which is an awesome drink (FYI)).  The 3rd stringer, Henie played very well for a kid who had no chance of playing in this game.  They showed him on the sidelines with the play book, studying like a freshman before his first college final.  There next to him on the bench was a stone faced Jay Cutler not even helping! Come on! Where's that team spirit?  Help the poor kid out - this was the ultimate audition for the young unknown QB who performed great and will hopefully play for the Bears or another team.  I like him, mustache and all. 

The bottom line here people, is that I have to spend the next few weeks listening to annoying Packer fans rub it in my face.  This is the worst part about living here away from my teams.  My husband isn't too bad, I think he's too scared to really get in my face. But those fans don't really know the game and just like to annoy the heck out of people - those are the people I must avoid.  

As a Chicago fan, I'm used to years and years of disappointing results and this one ranks right up there!

Anyone else terribly disappointed with the results of yesterday's game? Anyone want to help me figure out a way to move my family back to the homeland?