The House Hunt

So I know it's Tuesday and I didn't show up here yesterday.... but I had a three day weekend, so I figure that's allowed.  We began the house hunt this weekend.  My mom came up on Saturday morning to watch Abbie while Chris and I went out to look at houses.  We met our realtor in Manassas at 11am to start looking.

The first house we couldn't even go into because there were people sleeping 11am?  Odd.  That listing had disappeared by Monday morning.  Very strange.  The second house was definitely a possibility for us, but there were a few things we didn't like about it.  The basement was all tile (including the bedroom down there), there were loud dogs barking next door, and you had to go up steps immediately when you came in.  Not deal breakers by any means, but it wasn't our favorite.

Blue Door House

The third house...well, it was the point that we almost didn't go in.  We saw immediately that it had old windows, and the entire house smelled like curry.  We left pretty quickly. The fourth house was our favorite.  There was just a feeling we got when we walked in that this could be it.  The living areas are large, the appliances are updated, the HVAC systems is pretty new...there's just something about it.  We spent a long time in this house.  We both feel great about it, and our realtor started the paperwork for putting an offer in on it.


Even with how much we liked that house, I wanted to be sure there wasn't anything I liked better out there.  Since I was off yesterday (daycare was closed because of Eid), I took Abbie with me while I visited a few more houses...but there wasn't anything I liked better than the one from Saturday.  In fact, we went to that house again yesterday and it only solidified my feelings.  Of course, it helped that Abbie kept running around the house, and I had a hard time getting her to leave the room that would be hers.  Maybe it's a sign.

Abbie Room

Abbie on Stairs

So, that's where we're at right now.  I'm meeting with our mortgage broker today, and our realtor is working on the paperwork...keep your fingers crossed for us!

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