Household item clears acne?

I recently started on a new acne regimen, unfortunatley I have yet in my life gone completely wthout acne. It's never be severe but it's always been there. And all of you know exactly what I mean, those pesky whiteheads popping up, along with those red tomatoes. It sucks and it's always going to be there. Thank you hormones! Now I have tried pretty much every acne treatment on the market and a couple of silly DIY treatments. Some have helped, some have only made it worse. It's a never ending story. 

     About a week ago my mom came up to me and said she might know what would clear up my face. The only thought I had was that this isn't going to work. After you have tried so many treatments before, you start to feel hopeless. And then she said it.... Anti-bacterial soap..... Yes I said soap, the soap you use to wash your hands with. I thought she was crazy but I ended up giving in and trying it after about an hour of her telling me it was genius and how she should have thought of this before. How did I not figure this out before? I did take chemistry and biology right? I couldn't believe this, out of all of the expensive treatments I have purchased over the years, this might be the thing to clear my acne up.

    Alright, I know some of you may be skeptical at this point but don't worry, so was I. It's only been a week but I can tell a HUGE difference in my skin. It's clearing up, it's softer, and it just looks better. I'm so glad my mom told me to try this. And now I'm telling all of you. TRY IT! It may sound silly but it really does work. Within the next month, I will do a follow up blog post about this. I can't even imagine what my skin will look like in a month!

        Peace and beauty queen dreams, love Sarah.          


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