How 5-A-DAY impacts a healthy lifestyle.

 You know what? Remembering to include fruits and vegetables in our daily food consumptions is camouflaged in mystery because it is absolutely difficult. It is definitely the least consumer's-friendly lifestyle on the planet. Most people I suppose, will rather prefer to be in other planets where they will be constantly reminded to imbibe this habit or better still have their 5-A-DAY specially served them.

 I applaud the World Health Organisation campaign of promoting awareness for increased consumption of fruits and vegetables in daily food intake of individuals all over the world. Almost all fruits and vegetables count towards 5-A-DAY, making it easier for people to obtain the recommended daily intake. For most individuals that are so reluctant and skeptical in imbibing this lifestyle, I am using this medium to say; Don't worry, because fruit and vegetables do not necessarily need to be fresh to be regarded as a portion, neither do they have to be consumed alone to account for 5-a-day rather, they can still count even if they form part of a meal.

 Fruit and vegetables are low in fat and calories especially when not roasted or fried in oil thus consuming them aid an individual to maintain a healthy weight. Fruit and vegetables are a rich source of minerals, vitamins, potassium, folate and fibre that aids to maintain a healthy gut thereby, preventing constipation, bowel cancer and food indigestion.

 Fruit and vegetables form part of a balanced diet, which tend to help human beings remain healthy hence highly recommended to get adequate amount of them. The 5-A-DAY message supports the health benefits of obtaining five 80g portions of fruit and vegetables each day which is simply five portions of fruit and vegetables in total and not necessarily five portions of each a day.

 It is noteworthy that fruit & vegetables can be consumed in many ways such as smoothies, fried snacks, juices or cuisines. I strongly recommend that people should enjoy eating fruit & Veggies to remain healthy however, it is sad to note that this recommendation is not popularly recognised. But you know what? I believe everyone has the task to join this race of educating one another so that we will maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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