How to Accessorize Your AbbeyPost Dress

So you've bought an AbbeyPost dress. Yay! The clean lines and basic, classic styles make our dresses super versatile. You can dress them up or down with different accessories. But when you're faced with the blank canvas that is any dress, you can get overwhelmed by the possibilities and decide not to accessorize at all. That's no fun.

With a print dress, you have to make sure that your accessories don't fight with the pattern on your dress. Smaller, subtler accessories work well with prints.

But you can accessorize a solid dress with the boldest accessories you can find. The solid color acts as a backdrop for a big necklace, a fabulous scarf and giant earrings.

AbbeyPost Rachel Dress, $185. BaubleBar Monarch Wing collar, $44

Accessorize Big

Remember - we're always striving for balance in our ensembles. And since we're larger than average people, we can wear larger than average jewelry. You don't have to give up your daily latte to afford big, statement jewelry. You're not going to the Oscars - wear costume jewelry. Our friends at BaubleBar provided some jewelry for our latest photo shoot. They make affordable statement necklaces and great big earrings that you'll wear the heck out of (which makes for a great cost per wear).

AbbeyPost Michelle dress, $125. BaubleBar Midnight Bouquet Bib, $56.

Think big when shopping for accessories - necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Big, chunky rings balance out thicker fingers and knuckles. Large earrings look great on women with round faces -just stick with elongated styles so you don't have too much roundness hanging next to your round cheeks.

AbbeyPost Michelle dress, $125. BaubleBar Middleton Drops, $48.

Necklace Length

Since we're plus size, necklaces are going to be shorter on us than on our smaller friends. A short necklace can be a choker and a choker can be so tight that it actually does choke you. So experiment with different necklace lengths to see what works best on you. Play around in the store until you find what works for you. And then measure your favorite necklaces so that you can shop online.

(One thing I really like about BaubleBar is that they have pictures of their jewelry on models and customers so you can tell how long a necklace will be on you.)

If you have a short neck, avoid short necklaces and chokers because they'll make your neck look stumpy. How can you tell if your neck is short? Does wearing a turtleneck make you feel like you're being strangled? Do you have to be careful with long earrings because some of them rest on your shoulder? Then you have a short neck.

Sutton dress
The Sutton dress with a long necklace and clutch purse.


You know that drawer of scarves you have but hardly ever wear? Play around with them every now and then. When you buy a new dress or top, see if you already own a scarf that work with it. Not sure how to tie a scarf? Check out this great video of 25 ways to tie a scarf. Once you get the hang of wearing scarves (instead of just collecting them), you'll want to buy even more.

The Julia dress with a knotted scarf.

What About Belts?

Some AbbeyPost dresses come with belts, and some don't. If you're oval shaped, then stick with beltless looks. Otherwise, go ahead and add a belt. The Curvy CEO likes wide belts for shaping and support. Unless you're short waisted, go for it. (If a wide belt practically pushes up your bust, you're short waisted.) She also says, "A skinny belt can get lost, but can add a great accent color to an outfit."

Have Fun

Shopping for clothes can be a big project. You have to focus on which silhouettes work best on your body shape, and which colors look best on you. But with accessories, you can play. You can change the entire look of an AbbeyPost dress depending on how you accessorize it. So get creative. With party jewelry, office jewelry and casual accessories, you can wear one AbbeyPost dress practically anywhere.


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