How are Bloggers changing the fashion industry?

Valencia fashion week 2013 2014 | VFW Point of View: Fashion VLC Bloggers.

It used to be only celebrities, the rich and famous, that saw fashion shows and got the first chance to see new collections.  The top journalists would write about them and we could get our facts from them. However, as times are changing and the social media has become our generation's "newspaper"; we find ourselves seeking fashion trends from fashion bloggers. These bloggers are often people we can relate to and aspire to be like, instead of trying to connect with a reporter. For not being famous, bloggers often have high, devoted followers and readers on their blog and twitter feed. Smaller fashion designers and brands can turn to bloggers for reviews and giveaways without handing over a bunch of advertising money.

Online stores such as ShopRuche and Modcloth celebrate and reach out to bloggers. They have programs such as "Bloggers of the Month" or "Guest Blogger" and "Guest Editor". Their way of using bloggers, encourages more blog interactment, or bloggers can even send in their own posts as a chance to be a guest. This allows more visibility for the stores and for independent fashion bloggers to be heard. This method includes more reader involvement and it is easier for smaller stores to afford then using celebrity endorsement. Some bloggers are even used as models for these stores because the stores can use people who already have a following without having to pay them as much. In exchange bloggers are paid a smaller fee, and often get access to clothes and additional followers.

Seeing everyday people and women who are fashionistas, write about what brands or designers they are passionate about, is really intriguing. We can see that product used in daily life and are often left wanting these items for ourselves.

(All of these photos are from my reading list, whose posts and photos, have at one point made me want to purchase an item or piece of clothing)

This is changing the way we see and decide on our fashion choices. Bloggers often have a unique sense of style and their confidence is charming. Because of people turning to bloggers for outfit and fashion advice, fashion bloggers are being invited to independent fashion shows and are being used by designers to tailor clothes and designs for their followers. Successful bloggers know their niche and target audience so well that when they market clothes, their readers will buy it. Advertising is therefore no longer a shot-in-the-dark, when you go through a blogger. Dr. Ben Barry shows how readers are able to see the outfit more realistically when they see it on their favorite blogger.

Kristen Know from The Clothes Whisperer, explains that bloggers have more room for creative output that you might not get from a reporter or print work.

"..thats changing things at the level of design."

Fashion bloggers have fewer restrictions and are getting photos and information out faster then some magazines or editors can. This video below from helps to sum help how bloggers encourage women from all shapes, and sizes to have fun with clothes and experiment new trends, in a more approachable way.



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