How Attached Must We Be?

I suppose I am getting old. As are my friends, because we read about all these new-fangled ways to raise children and we become confused. Back in our day, we had one authority, his name was Dr. Spock (nothing to do with Startrek) and we either looked to his book for guidance or we called our mothers. Now, a new mom and dad have to wade through thousands of theories, blogs, books and websites to decide their parenting method. What's a new parent to do?

Well, here's some input from one Yankee farmwife, who isn't afraid to admit she has no clue . . . but she certainly has an opinion.

Kathleen M. Schurman is the author of children's books Locket's Meadow -The Long Road Home,  Locket's Meadow - Captain of the Dance, and Kidd's Kidds, among others. Her first adult novel, Three Days in August, will be available this June.



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