How To Avoid Lipstick From Getting On Your Teeth

Red lipsticks are definitely one of my favorite lipstick colors, but there is nothing worse then taking the time and effort to put on a bold red lipstick just to have it get on your teeth. It is not a cute look and also very embarrassing.
Line Your Lips
Line your lips with a nude or neutral lip liner to prevent bleeding.
Apply Lipstick
For best results apply your lipstick with a lip brush so you can have more control in where your lipstick goes.


When there is excess lipstick on your lips there is a high chance of the product getting outside the boundaries of your lips. 
To take off the excess lipstick take a tissue and close your mouth on it making sure your top and bottom lip have made contact with the tissue paper.
Reapply your lipstick and blot again to provide good staying power.
Petroleum Jelly
Apply a very very thin layer of Vaseline to your teeth. The Vaseline will be slippery so it will prevent lipstick from sticking to it.
Finger Test
Use your clean index finger, stick it in your mouth forming an O shape with your mouth and pull your finger out. This will remove any excess lipstick that would have ended up on your teeth.




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