You've Got a Walker! Quick, Babyproof Everything!

It’s the moment you love and dread the most: the moment your precious baby goes from stationary to mobile. It’s a moment filled with joy and pride - maybe even a few tears.

Yes, it’s a beautiful moment that just might immediately be followed by pure panic. Why? Because now, you can’t limit your baby to just what you want him or her to have. Now, everything within reach is fair game.

It’s a first-time parent’s worst nightmare.

Suddenly, danger is everywhere! When you look around your home, all you can see are sharp corners, electrical outlets and all the many knickknacks that look like potential toys or, worse, food. Babies are curious by nature and yes, your curious little bundle of joy might be in danger.

Before you freak out and start padding your entire home with memory foam and pillows, take a deep breath. You don’t have to turn your home into a bouncy castle to keep your baby safe (but yeah, I know, that could be fun).

Here are the major areas that you have to see to right now. The rest can be taken care of in time as your baby grows.

Elemental Hazards

If you have a fireplace, you need a fire gate, preferably one that is heavy enough that a determined baby (or stubborn pet) can’t simply knock it over by pushing against it. You’ll also want to get an “open” gate (the kind that looks like mesh, not a glass gate). Just make sure that the mesh holes are small enough that even tiny fingers can’t fit into them.

Don’t forget to get a pool fence, too. Some parents stop with a simple pool cover. but the fence is an important layer of protection.

Excited little ones can run out onto a cover before they or you realize what’s happening. This isn’t often a big deal if you have a solid pool cover, but most parents use fabric based covers which can give way beneath a baby’s feet. A pool fence will keep the baby and your toddlers away from the pool altogether.

Pro tip: Make sure your toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers are completely baby-proofed as well.

Electrical outlets

Those electrical outlets look like magic portals to babies. They just have to know what’s in there!

Before you worry about any other type of baby-proofing, make sure you have all of your electrical outlets covered.

Don’t stop at the electrical outlets, though! You’ll also want to make sure that your power strips are out of the way and any unused slots are properly covered.

Blind Cords

Almost every parent knows to move the primary “blind cord” on a set of blinds out of the way of a child and to keep it secured with a baby-proof device. Unfortunately, as this article on Today points out, the cord that opens and closes the blinds isn’t the only cord present.

The cords that run through your blinds are just as dangerous and are easily accessed by little ones. When your baby goes mobile, it’s better to switch to cordless blinds or to curtains.

The Little Things

Never underestimate a curious child who wants to know what something tastes like. Sometimes it seems almost as if they are capable of unhinging their jaws!

The easiest thing to do right now is to put anything that looks even remotely chompable up on higher shelves (at least until your baby learns to climb). Here’s a good rule of thumb: anything smaller than a hardcover encyclopedia needs to be put up.

Well, while you're at it, put the encyclopedias up, too! Although tour baby can't swallow an entire book, he can treat the pages of the book like candy.

Make sure you’ve got your other bases covered, too! Keep cabinets closed securely and don't forget to put those bizarre squeezy things on your doorknobs.

Having a baby is a lot of fun as long as you pay attention to the little details that might stress you out in the future! Babyproof your home and keep your little one safe and happy.

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