How to be sick when you are a Mom

So this winter has quite literally been the longest winter of my life. There have been mountains of snow, blowing winds, absolutely frigid temperatures, and the ice storm to end all ice storms! I became sick more times this year than I probably have at any other time in my life. I blame the weather, my job (I work in daycare), and the fact that L is now in school. The germs were a flyin' round here! Stomach flu, check! Stuffy noses, check! Hacking coughs, check! Pounding headaches, check! I had it all this year. So I thought that I would compile a little list called "How to be sick when you are a mom".  If you are a Mom I know that you are laughing already.

1. Number one tip? You better pop medication like it is candy, because you are not allowed to be sick.  No seriously. Mom's are not allowed to get sick ever.  It's in the handbook.

2. Feel like barfing? Be prepared to do so with an audience. Feel like being asked science questions while barfing? "Eww, why is it that colour Mommy?!" Get ready for that as well because those little people we created are curious.

3. Think a nice nap will kickstart your immune system? Well you can try, as long as you don't mind a two year old jumping on your head to wake you up.

4. Got a little diahrrea action? Well that will also come with an audience and questions (see above).

5.  Pounding headache? Wait isn't that every day?  Medication popping time again.

6.  Wanna take a sick day?  Go to work! Taking a sick day is the equivalent of going to work anyways when you have kids.  You will not be putting your feet up and catching up on your shows,  you will however be watching helplessly from the couch as the Lord of the Flies is reenacted in your living room.  In technicolour and dolby surround sound!

7.  Be prepared to give whatever you have to your children, who will then in turn give it back to you! Cycle, rinse, repeat.

Anything you would add to the list?


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