How to Become an Early Riser (to excerise?)

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You will probably stick your nose up in the air when you find out that I jump out of bed (9 times out of 10) energized and ready for the day.

I do, it’s true. (Go ahead, nose in air.)



I also wake up two to three times during the night and take care of my kids still. That’s not healthy you may say? Well, I disagree. I am what people would call a morning riser.

But what happens when you’re not a morning person and want to be?

Here are 10 tips to being an early riser:

  1. Don’t set your alarms too early. My husband has to sometimes work at 3:00 am, when this happens I set twenty alarms. No joke. In all honesty, who is going to hear the first 19? The body doesn’t like drastic change – like planning to get up a few hours earlier. It’s slumped into its sleepy state. Instead set your alarms 15 minutes earlier every two to three days until you reach the time you comfortably want to get up at.
  2. Rehydrate: First thing when you get up (okay, after you get out of bed) grab 8 oz of water. The body needs to replenish fluids from the 9 hours of sleep time to be fully functional. (Hint: Coffee drinkers – this doesn’t mean no coffee – it means water first!) I like mine at room temperature with a squeeze of lemon.
  3. Make it a habit. I know a lot of people sleep in on weekends. The body can get confused if it doesn’t know Monday from Saturday so I would suggest on making it a habit. You may be surprised and enjoy the morning weekend or even attend a farmer’s market. Just saying.
  4. Go to be early. I’m sure it’s no secret that when I get up at 4:30 am, it is hard for me not to crash by 9pm. In all honesty, I’m not missing anything. Maybe a television show? I’m sure I could miss that or record the show for an earlier evening. Be kind to yourself and get the sleep your body needs.
  5. Make a date. Don’t just get out of bed, do something productive! Know what that something is prior to going asleep so you will do the action as soon as you get up.


Reward yourself!

Getting out of bed earlier may be difficult at first, but once you get in the habit, it becomes easy. Not only will you be able to get the things done that you may have been slacking on (bills, admin work, exercising, cleaning) but it will soon feel like you are rewarding yourself. Sit down and have a cup of coffee while catching up on a book or do something great for yourself like exercise!

When I started running, I literally had no time to myself. I am a mom to two preschool children who stay home with no babysitters. My husband would leave for work at 5:15am and I wanted to run to relieve my stress. To accommodate my situation, I would get up at 4:30 am and have my clothes ready – walk outside without trying to negotiate if I should or not and run for thirty minutes. If the reward is great enough, you will do it!

 Question: What motivates you to get up early?

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