How to become a VEGAN: Step Two

Okay, so did you like the movies? How about the book (books if you wanted extra credit)?  Hopefully you at least watched one of the movies and even more hopefully, you read one of the books.  Slaughterhouse (by Gail Eisnitz) was the clincher for me.  This leads me to step two.

Go throughout your fridge and freezer, and get rid of ALL MEAT. You do not have to do eggs or dairy yet (though you should) but cold turkey (no pun intended, because trkeys should be warm living creatures) can be really hard, and can ruin your attempt!  So, get rid of all DEAD animals.  You dont have to waste it, give it your enemies, heehee haha. No really, I gave mine to a family member, and I told them why and they still wanted it, so anyway........(yes I feel bad for it now, but then I felt like I was helping them out).

Now that all your meat is gone, you can no longer refer to it as meat. It is now DEAD ANIMAL, or ANIMAL FLESH. Yes, call it as it is.  Everytime you want a yummy cheeseburger, just remember what you saw or read ( I am assuming you did read or watch something I recommended, but if not............)

There is a lot of crap in those tasty little heart attack causing cheeseburgers. First, saturated fat, choleserol, all the good artery clogging yumminess everyone craves in their food.  Then there is salmonella, ecoli and feces, mmmmmm. Now I cant leave out the rat droppings, chlorine and lots of other things I cant think of off the top of my head. But just so you know, that pink slime stuff, it is real, and you are eating (or ate) it, and if you kids eat school lunches, they are too!  And this is all allowed by our wonderful USDA.  There is an allowable amount for all this stuff, they say it is safe. Uh, yea.

Bartender, can I get another shot of chlorine please? The government says its safe, in small amounts of course!

There is one other thing you are eating when you eat a dead animal......FEAR.  Do you really think those animals die with smiles on their faces?   Before they get the shot in the head, their throats slit or dbathed in the scalding hot water baths?  Would you?I would be crapping my pants and doing everything I could to stay alive, as do these anmials. 

But alas, I stray....

So get rid of the meat, picture those animals dying when you think you want some and be strong.  I think I will have to go over all the animals in these steps, how they are treated and murdered and such.

Oh, and if you are worried about protein, dont be, it is in everything you eat. Really.  That will be another post.....but for now, dont worry about the protein, unless you are a body builder or extreme athelete!  You see, Americans think that they need PROTEIN PROTEIN PROTEIN, and that simply is not true.  If you get too much protein, your body will store it away as fat.  And the only way you use all that protein is by exercise (this includes weightlifting).  So you probably dont need to worry about the protein right now.  I will do a post on that next.

So, toss the meat and remember, it is ANIMAL FLESH! Poor little (and huge) animals.

Until next time, be meat free and live your life to the fullest!

Ciao bella!


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