How Big is this Ship!

The way to Adanna room was filled with more turns than a mountainous highway. They had ridden several different elevators.

“I hope you can get me out of here when the time is right.”  Adanna said trudging down the hallways. They reached room number 1423, on the fourteenth floor.

The hallway was filled with people bustling around with trays and clothing. There were other girls her age walking from room to room giving her strange looks and whispering to one another.

“Here is your room Princess Adanna.”  Nahue said the words loud, so the other people including the other Princess can know who she was.  A simple push opened the door wide.  She walked inside and was astonished. The room was twice the side of Adanna’s home.  It had its own bed and bathroom, seating area, and library.  She removed her shoes. “Ahh!”

Nahue closed the door behind them.

“Thank you.  I would have never gotten through all of this without you. I wouldn’t have known what to do.”  Adanna said.  She walked forward taking in all she could.

“I have to return.  I’m expected to be punished for your falling out of the bed.”  Nahue said placing the bags down on the luggage tray.  He opens it.  “That man works for Catimer.” Nahue inspects the clothes inside and wondered where a princess with such taste in clothes could come from.  “Catimer is over everyone on the ship and he is very strict in punishing.”

Adanna peeked into the bathroom.  “I’ll just have him fired!  I am a Princess.” Adanna twisted her wristed as he had shown her.

“No. Catimer is the Ambassador.”  Nahue said. He bit his lower lip. He wanted her to know that Catimer had some power but without telling her.  He wanted her to be careful of Catimer. 

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