How big? So big.....

I was 18. A senior in high school. He was a guy. A fun guy. An athlete. A cute guy. Not "my" guy. We flirted. We acted dangerously. We took risks. We never went on a "real date". He never met my parents. I did meet his one time when I went swimming at his house? A few times we skipped out of 5th period and went to his house and had sex. We would hook up maybe once a week. I had a boyfriend. He had a girlfriend.

I know how this sounds. It was 1981. Times were different than they are today and my moral compass was not in service, but I believe not much has changed with teenagers since the beginning of time.

Ironically, his name was Jeff. One "date" started at about 6pm. He picked me up in his mom's Jeep Cherokee. It was like all of our "dates", we were looking for a private place to screw. We had already been caught twice by the Tucson Police, in the park, "after hours". We crawled under a fence into a school yard one time and I got dog shit all over the back of my was coming off anyhow but really??? So I had basically said that we needed a better place if he wanted to continue to get some of this.

We ended up in a parking lot, behind and abandoned warehouse. Jeff laid a blanket out in the back of the Jeep. This was about as much prep as he had ever done. It was still light outside. We started making out and it was getting very hot and heavy and sweaty. Well guess what? I had an orgasm. I mean for REAL. Flipping amazing. Earth shaking. Out of this world terrific. And my moment was received by this high school boy with horror. He was scared even. He fully asked me, "Dani, what the?? Are you alright? What is happening?"!

Dude, really?

 I was in bliss so he was saved from my wrath. I don't think I have retold this story to many people. But when I do, he gets sizzled. I did tell my husband and his response was deadpan, "babe, what did you expect, he was in high school and it's not like you guys were in love."

You know that saying, "everyone remembers the first time"? Well I do, and it was amazing, but my first orgasm is really the one that women should remember. Am I right?

Jeff gets the credit. He will never read this. He probably has not even thought about me or our "time" together in over 30 years. It wasn't HIS moment, it was mine. Yep, my first orgasm was in the back seat of a car. If you want cliché, I can give it to you. He wasn't my boyfriend, he was my sex friend. I didn't love him. I really didn't even know him that well. We were classmates that shared witty repartee and sweaty teenaged sex. But he gave me something amazing and powerful. I bet he doesn't get freaked out anymore when his lover climaxes. Or maybe he does and that is his thing?

No matter really...he imprinted me and this is about me. I only know about me.

I am not sure why this blog came to be. I know that it has been a long time coming...oh good lord that is funny....

Anyhow, something that started 32 years ago has been oft repeated. In cars, on floors, in bed and out, in the daylight and in the darkness. With lovers, with strangers, with men and without. I wouldn't have it any other way either. I am a sexual being and my satisfaction is a given. I don't fake orgasms because I don't have to. I am fine having sex for only my partner's satisfaction. That is usually a quicker deal anyhow. Since I broke my neck and have all this weird nerve damage and ultra-sensation and numbness, my husband's "job" has gotten so easy. You would NOT believe what a simple stroke of my right thigh can result in......

I am always surprised and kind of amazed how much has been written about the female orgasm. I guess I just never understood how it could be so elusive. Can NOT relate. I have been calling myself a HO (hyper orgasmic) for about 30 years. But again, that's just me. I am going to finish up this post. I have said what I came here to say. I feel completely content. Someone pass me a cigarette.

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