HOW TO: Black & Beige Bow-tie Manicure

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Happy Manicure Monday!

Today's weekly manicure tutorial is how to do a bow-tie manicure.

nailsAs before, I start with a good base coat and let dry.I used Essie's Brooch the Subject and Essie's Licorice.

Brooch the Subject is the purr-fect nude polish.  I wish I would have found it sooner!  The first layer was a little difficult to apply though - I found it was somewhat streaky.  I was however, able to correct any blemishes on the second layer to make it a totally seamless polish.

For the bow-tie part - just remember...while it's actually a very easy application - be sure to take your time and go slow.

Simply paint a diagonal line starting in the middle of the nail, down, and towards the middle.  You'd be surprised how this diagonal action seems to naturally have a straight line.  But again - it's best to go slow.

I only did one layer of Essie's Licorice.  It has a nice full coverage to it.  And because Brooch the Subject is a lighter color - it covered no problem.


NOTE: Let Licorice dry at least 10 minutes before applying any top coat over it.  If not - you'll end up starting over (what I had to do) as the black will streak over the lighter color. 

I am in LOVE with this manicure.  It's been hands-down my favorite manicure since I started this little manicure tutorial journey.  It is however a little on the fancier side.  As such, it looked a little silly if I was dressed down in shorts and flip flops (yes I'm still wearing those here in Florida) but I can totally see this being a great option for a more formal event or a night out on the town.

Happy Manicure Monday ladies!!

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