How Blogging Can Bring The Doctor and Patient Back Together Again

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Wendy Sue Swanson, MD

I believe social media can revolutionize health communication. Fostering candid conversations between doctors, patients, and parents in an online setting is a new approach to medicine but one that may have a positive effect on the traditional patient-doctor relationship. This new communication can morph the relationship into one that is more interactive, informed, and in some cases, more valuable. Join me for a discussion about how social media can help break down the barriers between doctors and patients, making pediatric health issues easier to understand while fostering a better bond. As a parent, pediatrician, and blogger, I’ll talk about some of my experiences to date reaching parents through my Twitter feed, my blog--Seattle Mama Doc-- for Seattle Children’s Hospital, and my videos online. I believe physicians have an ethical duty to share information online. I’ll illuminate how parents and a medical community can use social media to exchange valuable information, which will ultimately help parents demystify the abundance of online health care information available today to make great choices.