How the bookstore stole literacy!

Now available at the Barnes & Noble near you is a threat to the very gift of literacy that Dr. Seuss tried to instill in American children.

For if a man attempts to browse the children's literature selection without a child in tow, he is subject to being kicked out of the store.

Yes, you read that right. Kicked out of a book store. Never mind that he might want to buy a book for his grandchild.

Just ask Dr. Omar Amin, 73, of Scottsdale Arizona. Amin was booted out of a Barnes & Noble store last month after a female customer complained about his presence in the children's section.

Barnes & Noble apparently subscribes to the notion perpetuated by the mass hysteria surrounding pedophiles. You know, the stereotype of only men being pedophiles. And only male strangers. Yet, it is a fact that approximately 60% of boys and 80% of girls who were sexually victimized were abused by someone the child knows.

One question, have I been missing out on free childcare at Barnes & Noble? Because if men are being kicked out to protect children, then the children must not be accompanied by a parent, right?

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