How To Break In New Running Kicks (OCD style)



These blue Injinji's come in a 3-pack and are cute as bugs. (Not cockroaches or picnic flies, but more like Lady Bugs and pretend cartoon bugs in kids’ movies.)

5.  Yes, I did say “and finally” on the number before this one. I had a flash of OCD and don't like that number so I could never end with it or else bad things will happen to good obsessive-compulsive people like me. Trust me. When I’m not doubled over in debilitating pain tomorrow, you’ll thank me.

I'm sorry to cut this how-to guide off so abruptly kids, but it's time to go to break in my new Hokas and I have yet to stew my chocolate lab in peroxide. Don't freak out. I'm really just lathering her up to get her clean in a bath, but the words "stew" and "peroxide" make me happy.

When I get like this it's never one thing that got me here. It's always more like a big bunch of little frustrations during which I stuffed the OCD flag down instead of letting it fly. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a lot like a shaken bottle of Mountain Dew. If you release it slowly and carefully, nobody gets sticky "doing the Dew".

Let's just say that I'm in such a state, if I don't break in these new Hokas soon it is highly likely anyone who stands near me today is going to need a roll of paper towels.

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