How To Build A Cat Like Spine Of Steal

I could chat all day about the importance of building AND maintaining perfect posture. Increased self confidence, breath capacity, digestive ease, core strength (flat abs!) and stress/tension relief are just a few of the reasons we all want to build flexible cat like spines of steel.

The pilates method and principles specifically target the core muscle groups that support the vital spinal column AND chisel a narrow waist. As much as I love chiropractors for adjustments, aligning bones is only half the story. We need to support those bones with long, lean muscles so that they stay aligned!

Through a dedicated pilates practice we can rewire neural pathways and old movement patterns, strengthen the muscles that support the spine and increase range of motion/flexibility. See how pilates digs deeper than yoga.

Ready to build your cat spine of steal? Follow me in this simple flow sequence that moves the spine through all the spinal mechanics. A balanced body begins with a balanced practice!

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Amber Zuckswert