How to build a family

NaBloPoMo- Day Thirteen: Building

1. First you need a solid base to build on and then you're good to go. 

Sometimes a family is something that creates itself around you and sometimes you are the one who puts the building blocks together.

You start here

2. You'll need love and communication

What is the glue that keeps it together? For me the key priorities for keeping our family together are communication and love. Living so far away from my family it has to be communication that keeps us together because it's all we have at the moment; oh and love of course.

3. If you don't have family around, create a weekend family

While I have been living away from home and in another country I have had to build my own family. I started by finding a city that I adored which happened to be Edinburgh, I'm not sure why but I just felt drawn to it. The next step was finding a fabulous group of friends, this isn't always easy but I left myself open to all sorts of opportunities so that I wouldn't miss out on a potential friend. Sad and desperate? Maybe, but you have to do what will work. Within a few months I had met some of the kindest and generous people I know. They became my weekend family.


The Weekend Family


These guys (including my husband) have been my rocks when I've been lost, upset or just in need of a good laugh. I have learnt so much from them and will most likely continue to.

4. Expand your party

When I chose Edinburgh I was a party of one, now I have built myself a little family and we are a party of three. An awesome party of three at that. *Remember that show Party of Five? Haven't thought of that show in a zillion years*

Throughout my life my family has constantly changed, evolved and grown as it will continue to do for the rest of my life; and I hope it does.

5. Try to  keep your family together, but if it falls always make sure you do your best to put it back together.

The finished product

If you can pull it together you will have something like the above photo. A family built with love and communication and a few tiny people.

Families are always changing, evolving and growing. There are so many different ways to build a family and these are some of the steps that I've taken.

What steps have you taken to build your family?


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