How-To Buy Healthy Food For Less

picture of healthy food Pictures of Healthy Food


Couponing is a great thing, build an inventory of items your family uses for a fraction of the cost!  Getting toothpaste for free, food for under 50 cents, it is awesome to behold.  But it is also easy to amass a large amount of food items that may not be the best for your health.   Ex:  Having 10 packages of cookies means that they will get eaten and call your name everytime you start feeling hungry!

So how do I get more healthy foods at a good price???

I have been on a quest for a good quality produce and meats, and have found some lower cost options!  My gameplan is simple:

1.  Buy grocery and personal care deals of the weeks - match with coupons - stock up enough to last 12 weeks (items usually go on sale at least every 12 weeks)

2.  Don't buy everything at one store.  


3.  Patronize  stores like Aldi's;  they have great produce at really good prices and their brands without coupons are a nice quality at a great price.

Farmers Market Baskets


4.  Shop at food Co-ops like Farmer's Market Baskets to get great produce at a fantastic price.

                                                    (Grass Fed Rib-eye steaks)

5.  Purchase locally grown beef direct from the farm.  I have been purchasing grass fed beef from Four Mile Farm.


6.  Purchase organic, locally sourced meat,  or free range chicken from local butcher shops like Findley's Butcher Shop or Whole Foods Market.

7.  Keep an eye out on sites like Groupon, CouponMap, Halfoffdepot for deals at local stores.  This week I spent $10.00 and got a $20.00 gift certificate for Findley's Butcher Shop and purchased organic chicken.

I will continue this How-To Buy Better Foods Series with a tour of Farmer's Market Baskets and some more surprises.  Please feel free to share ways you have found to feed your family with health foods and saved money in the process.




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