How Celebrities Buy Their Twitter Followers

It's not just a social forum to follow celebrities anymore. Once a site known for parody accounts and anonymity, Twitter has developed into a site filled with political disputes, celebrity announcements and millions of people sharing anything that is on their mind. Quoted by almost every media outlet, Twitter has introduced the concept of tweets, followers and hashtags to the World.

Global exposure may not appeal to the average fan, but to that fan's favorite music artist, it means free advertising.The idea of Twitter popularity is simply based on the number of followers the account holder can accumulate. If more is better than acquiring millions of followers, which can be depicted with the coveted capital letter"M," must be a sign of approval.

The internet advice on increasing the number of followers ranges from improving the content of tweets to unfollowing people who do not respond. For a new account holder trying to take advantage of the publicity, building a legitimate following can require time that is just not available; therefore, many celebrities may opt to buy followers on Twitter. Sites such as guarantee legitimate followers who have been identified in specific groups and more likely to follow.


The average response time can range from six to forty-eight hours after payment has been received for their services. With packages ranging from $9.99 to $24.99, offers up to ten thousand followers and a full refund within twenty-eight days if not 100% fully satisfied.

Best way to get tons of Twitter followers fast offers a directory of social media users which can be obtained with a free membership by simply signing into a Twitter account from their homepage.

Stating that the practice of selling followers is "strictly prohibited," they supply a link to the Twitter Rules page to verify that claim. Unfortunately, the site does not address how the directory is Created or if logging onto Twitter from their page automatically adds your account to the directory.

Following the previous two suggestions can build a quick number of followers on Twitter but does it benefit the purpose of having a Twitter account?

While having a large number of followers may be a realistic goal, building a list of true followers may be a better choice if you are using the site as a marketing tool. The next few steps can assist in finding those true followers.

1. Create a Twitter name that is easy to remember and find.

2. Design a bio that is interesting and pertinent.

3. Find people whose interests are similar to yours which may also include your services and products.

4. Follow them!

5. Interact with them by responding to their comments publicly so others can read, like and re tweet your tweets.

6. Share important information such as new releases and important dates.

7. Tweet often but show respect to followers' time and ability to participate.

8. Re tweet followers who share photos, comments, and praise. Advertising is expensive. Positive advertising is priceless.

9. Follow the guidelines on to pursue the badge of a verified account with Twitter.

While the recognizable blue check does not signify an endorsement by Twitter, it does mean that your account has been deemed authentic. By following these steps, a Twitter account could quickly grow with legitimate followers and continue to grow with likes, re tweets, and a verified badge.

Mixed with the addition of followers through a third party site that sells followers or offers a directory of names, your account could appear very popular within a few days after its beginning.

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