How to Choose the Right Sponsorship Package for Your Blog

Last week, I announced that She is Fierce is officially taking sponsors, so I thought that now would be a good time to share some of my best tips on picking the right blog to sponsor. (Based on some awesome sponsorships I've bought, and some pretty disappointing ones)


// Make sure it's not just a sidebar ad  Most blogs offer this package, and it's often the most affordable option.  In my experience though, just a sidebar ad doesn't really do much for you.  Sure, plenty of people will see your button - but think about it, how often do you click all the ads on the sidebar of your favorite blog?

// Social Media  I've mentioned in my posts 10 Blogging Tools You Need to be Using and Five Lessons in Five Years how important social media is for your blog.  If you're trying to get your name and your writing out there, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest are invaluable. This extends to the blogs you sponsor, because the entire purpose of doing so is to get your name out there.  Does the package you're looking at include social media shout outs of some kind?  Look at their Twitter and Facebook - are they "#FF my sponsors!" or are they well thought-out advertisements for your blog or even a specific post you've written? (hint: the second is preferable)
// Guest Post/Feature  Most often, these options will only be included in the pricier options (read: not the cheapest package), and that makes total sense! A guest post or feature means one less "real" post on a person's blog, so it makes sense that they would charge more for this.  But if you are looking at higher tier options, these are a must! Guest posts and Feature posts are the best way to get your blog out to your sponsee's readers.  It gives them a chance to see what you have to offer, making it more likely that they'll click on over to your blog.
// Follow Through  Check out their blogs and social media accounts.  Do you see feature posts, giveaways, Twitter shout-outs...all of the things they promise in their sponsor packages?  If you can't easily find these things, then sponsoring this blog probably isn't a safe bet.  You don't want to go into something expecting your sponsee to be all up on your blog like bees on honey and then find out that really, they're just going to stick your ad on their side bar.
What about you?  Do you have any tips for blogs looking for someone to sponsor?


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