How to Choose a Web Host

Since this is a website about blogging, I figure one question just about everyone has is, “How do I started a blog?” This is so long and complicated, so I’ve decided to make it a mini-series.

It’s actually not very difficult, but it can be overwhelming. There are actually two ways you can do it. Let’s start with my preferred way: self-hosting.

How to Choose a Web Host // Blog U --- If you want to self-host, one of the biggest questions is how to choose a web host. There are so many out there! Here is a list of different hosts to start with. #hosting #blogging #selfhosting #webhosts

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Since I started blogging in 2012, one thing has become very clear to me: self-hosting spoils you. It really does. There is so much you can do with your new blog–things that are just so very basic that you can’t imagine not doing them. But they’re only available if you self-host. Like plugins. Or, for crying out loud, changing your color scheme. Most themes in the free WordPress are not meant to be customized. Which is why, for months, I had a pink theme…even though I actually greatly dislike the color. C’est la vie.

But how do you decide on a host? There are so many out there. So many that I haven’t even heard of half of them. Let’s discuss some of the web hosts available. (Note: this part is going to be long, because there’s just so much to talk about.)


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