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After getting engaged, I immediately began to think about the women I would pick to stand up next to me on my wedding day.  While about 20 women came to my mind, I knew a bridal party that big would be ridiculous to manage!  I decided to narrow my 20 down to 5 with the following criteria:

The Family

I don't have any biological sisters, however I have a sister-in-law and future sister-in-law who were the most wonderful, supportive women I knew.   Beyond that, I knew they would be with me for years to come, and I wanted to build memories with them because they would become staples of our familial relationships.


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The Drama Free

Out of all of those women on my list, there were quite a few who were prone to a bit of drama (and sometimes a lot).  I had to ask myself which women would keep it cool on my wedding day and which would have a nervous breakdown if their hair didn't turn out right.  The moments leading up to the ceremony can be chaotic and stressful and I needed women who wouldn't act like the world was coming to an end if something didn't go according to plan.  I needed women that would help me keep calm even in a disaster.

The Loyal Ladies

Besides the drama-prone, there were also some that may not be as loyal as the rest.  They would find themselves busy during my time of need or were self-proclaimed gossips that I couldn't 100% say they never gossipped about me.  After seeing a group of my friends gather around a computer looking at Facebook photo's of another's wedding and slamming every creative detail of it, I knew that those weren't the women I wanted to stand up with me that day.  In the end, I couldn't trust they wouldn't say the same thing about my creative choices.

The Ladies to Whom I've Been Loyal

Out of the 5 women I picked, 3 of them were married and I was involved in their wedding in some capacity.  I have been a bridesmaid, officiant, and shower coordinator.  So, I knew that not only were these wonderful women, but they were women who would remember my loyalty on their day and be the same loyal friends to me on my day.  Incidentally, most of them were involved in each other's weddings as well, so it was like being able to have a wedding reunion of sorts with all f us together again.

In the end, some may find choosing bridesmaids to be one of the easiest decisions to make during the entire wedding planning process.  However, if you were like me, making those decisions could be very difficult depending on the amount of wonderful people in your life.   However, because of the standards I set above, I am confident I picked the best 5 women who will be loyal, drama-free, supportive women from my engagement to my walk down the aisle!


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