How to Clean Leeks

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Let's talk leeks. You might have found them before all cleaned and ready to go for you. But right now, these fantastic veggies can be found all over farmer's markets. They are super fresh and flavorful, but don't come al ready and rarin' to go. But a little work goes a long way with the super fresh version, try it out and I think you'll find it's worth it!!!


Could use a good cleaning, right??? :) 

You start by treating the leek much like its cousin the green onion, chop off the tops of the greens and the "hairy" part of the whites.

Next, use a sharp knife to slice the leeks into fourths.


Use your fingers to fan out the leeks that should now be in smalle strips. Run them under water to remove all the dirt. You may have to use a little elbow grease here as the wet dirt can get a little bit caked on, especially with super fresh farmer's market leeks.

When all the dirt is gone, shake off the excess water and slice off the unusable green parts. I use leeks (depending on the size) about halfway up from the white part. Much like green onions, the more concentrated flavor is closer to the bottom (the white), but with leeks, if you go too high up on the green portion the texture tends to get stiff and not so appetizing.

You can prepare your leeks and store them wrapped in a moist paper towel and zipped in a plastic bag for 3-4 days in advance. So clean them when you have time and they will be ready to use when you need them!

Depending on what you are using them for, you can either chop them up further or use them as is. Beautiful, fresh, flavorful, CLEAN leeks!

I suggest picking up some leeks, getting 'em cleaned, and staying tuned later this week ;) Delicious leek recipeS coming your way!


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